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How do I post on Mishon?

Press the “Go” camera icon button available top center of any page to post your images and videos.

Does it need to show my address?

No, you can add a more generic address like City or Country…for e.g London, Ireland, Berlin, UK, Tokyo and save it. Easy right!

How do I create an Private or Public Event?

Use the “Go” button again and press the second icon button from the right on the bottom of the app to create an event. Set the date time and location and tag friends to join you…. Just post and your event is all set ready to go…awesome!

What happens when I click on a Challenge?

You can select a challenge and bookmark it. When you complete the challenge post image or video evidence into that challenge so all users on Mishon can vote for you that you completed it.

How do I earn points?

You get points to signing in, posting, liking friends posts, commenting, reviewing a challenge or mishon, sharing and doing challenges, daily crates etc

How do I find friends?

Use the search button on the top left of the app. Select People option, now simply scroll down to view all public users, follow your friends or make new friends by sending a follow request. You can also use the search option up top to search for a friend by name etc.

How do I get a virtual badge?

You earn badges by completing daily crate challenges. As you complete a daily crate challenge you unlock a badge item attached to a badge in your backpack area. when you unlock all challenge items related to a badge you are awarded your badge which you can show proudly in your backpack. You gain bonus points for unlocking all challenge items and winning your badge!

What are Mishon crates?

Creates are augmented reality crates that we drop around you everyday. Click on a crate and directions and the app will navigate you to it. When you get close the camera on your phone opens up and you will find the crate around you. When you click on the create it will give you a daily Challenge. Bookmark it and complete your Challenge.. Post it to receive the required votes from friends and followers to unlock the daily crate challenge item……. You can see what you unlocked in your backpack badges section in your profile.

Where do I find Challenges and Missions I have accepted?

You can Tap your level icon which is located top right of any screen to access all of your accepted challenges, Mishons , Go events….. You can also check your current Points score and view the Mishon Leaderboard…try it out

How do I change My Profile from Private to Public?

It’s really easy….. select your profile icon bottom right…now select the gear icon in the center of your profile screen to access your settings ….now select privacy and choose how you want your profile to be found. Public or Private!

What are Places?

On your Mishon Map you can find places of interest. You as a Mishon User can add places of interest that you think other adventure users would enjoy and might not be aware of. For example, you are visiting a new city and would love to know where is the best place for an early morning run or want to find a pickup game of basketball. You can add places of interest in your local area simply by selecting map…. places….Create Place… add details/ images etc…….    Awesome now you are a real Mishon team player.

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